Springfield Baptist Church

2619 Ashley River RD

Charleston, SC 29414

Phone: (843) 766-9971

City: Charleston

Region: Coastal & Islands

Springfield Baptist Church

The Springfield Baptist Church is one of the first, if not the oldest, remaining freely organized Black Baptist churches in the area. The Springfield Baptist Church was established as St. Andrew's Baptist Church in 1863. In 1871, Peter C. Gaillard, a local plantation owner, gave the two acres of land the church stands on to the congregation. The establishment of this church was the result of local efforts by the black community. It corresponds to the time during Reconstruction when many northern missionary efforts encouraged African Americans to withdraw from white congregations. The Springfield Baptist Church is unique in the fact that it was established locally. The establishment of Springfield Baptist Church became important to the African American communities in the area, and it provided a crucial transition from slavery to freedom.

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