The Center for Birds of Prey

4719 Highway 17 N

Awendaw, SC 29429

Phone: (843) 971-7474

City: Awendaw

Region: Coastal & Islands

The Center for Birds of Prey

The Center for Birds of Prey at the Avian Conservation Center offers a new environmental experience for Charleston area visitors. Situated on a 152-acre wooded campus adjacent to the Cape Romain Wildlife Refuge and Francis Marion National Forest, the Center, which combines medical care for injured birds, environmental education and scientific research, provides a rare opportunity to experience birds of prey in a natural setting. Through avian displays and interaction with the staff, visitors have the opportunity to learn about various aspects of the birds’ natural history and the conservation challenges facing individual species. Of particular interest are the flight demonstrations, during which visitors watch as bald eagles, hawks, falcons, owls and various other trained birds of prey demonstrate their stunning flight characteristics and adaptations. Experience approximately 120 birds of prey representing nearly 50 species from around the world. The Center is located 20 minutes from downtown Charleston and about and hour and a half south of Myrtle Beach.

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