Robert Mills House and Gardens

1616 Blanding ST

Columbia, SC 29201

Phone: (803) 252-7742

City: Columbia

Region: Midlands

Robert Mills House and Gardens

One of only five National Historic Landmarks within Columbia, the Robert Mills House exemplifies the skill of the first architect born and trained within the United States who designed some of the nation's most prominent buildings, including the Washington Monument. Today, the structure stands as a testament of its designer's architectural ability and the preservation efforts of generations of Columbians. Built in 1823 by Ainsley and Sarah Hall, it was saved from destruction in 1960 and opened as a museum in 1967. The museum collection highlights decorative arts of the early 19th century. The ornamental gardens are a combination of an early 1970s landscape design, hallmarks of 19th century English-style gardens and the accomplishments of contemporary gardeners. Open to the public and available for special event rentals, the grounds of the Robert Mills House are an inviting green space set within an urban environment.

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