Scott's Bar-B-Que

2734 Hemingway HWY

Hemingway, SC 29554

Phone: (843) 558-9927

City: Hemingway

Region: Midlands

Scott's Bar-B-Que

If you want to see the essence of what barbecue is all about, this is it. They sell three basic commodities: pulled pork, fried skins, and King Thin white bread. Ten to 12 hogs a night are cooked and slathered with an absolutely atomic vinegar sauce, the spiciest we've ever eaten (of course, you can also forgo the sauce). If you go to Scott's, make sure to take a tour of the pits; timeworn and weathered, they hold three generations' toil within their grease-laden facades. These guys are so authentic that they chop their own wood — and to a barbecue fan, that should be convincing enough to plan a trip tomorrow.

Click here to watch a slide show about Scott's Variety Store produced by the New York Times.

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