Museum and Library of Confederate History

15 Boyce AVE

Greenville, SC 29601

Phone: (864) 421-9039

City: Greenville

Region: Mountains

Museum and Library of Confederate History

Located in downtown Greenville's Pettigru Historic District near the BI-LO Center, the museum houses a collection of Confederate relics and artifacts, both military and personal, as well as a research library and gift shop. A gift shop is on site. The Museum and Library of Confederate History in Greenville seeks to preserve the memory, history and artifacts that are vital to the cultural heritage of the South and its contribution to the greatness of our United States. The museum houses memorabilia from the time that war took place between our states. It specifically includes a collection of firearms, photographs, flags, edged weapons, currency, clothing, letters, newspapers, and history books, including videos and books on tape. All accessible resources presently fill an entire room for the use of researchers and genealogists. The museum is a national and state treasure for visitors, school groups, writers and families seeking information. Organized clubs, such as the UDC, re-enacting groups, in-service training for upstate history teachers, the Greenville County History Consortium and citizens of all 50 states and foreign countries looking for definitive American history information, utilize the museum. Over 8,000 people annually use the 1700 square foot facility located at 15 Boyce Avenue in the heart of the Pettigru Historic District, near the heart of downtown Greenville. It is not unusual to have tours ongoing while researchers are using the library and individuals are walking through the museum at the same time.

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