Marlboro Civic Center Center and McColl Auditorium

106 Clyde ST

Bennettsville, SC 29512

Phone: (843) 454-9496

City: Bennettsville

Region: Midlands

Marlboro Civic Center Center and McColl Auditorium

The Marlboro Civic Center is the stunning architectural restoration of the historic Opera House. Known in its early days as The Garden Theatre and The Playhouse, it was once Marlboro County's thriving cultural and entertainment center. A major stop for vaudeville and musical shows on the New York to Miami circuit, it was built in 1917 and is one of the oldest theatres in South Carolina.
The Marlboro Civic Center hosts hundreds of programs and events which reflect Marlboro's diverse community including town meetings, arts council performance series, community theatre productions, revivals, recitals and band concerts.

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