ARTworks, The Arts Council of Beaufort, Port Royal & the Sea Islands

2127 Boundary ST

Beaufort, SC 29902

Phone: (843) 379-2787

City: Beaufort

Region: Coastal & Islands

ARTworks, The Arts Council of Beaufort, Port Royal & the Sea Islands

The mission of the Beaufort Arts Council is to expand the presence of art in the daily experiences of residents and visitorsin the following ways: By providing opportunities for artists to exhibit, perform, and create art; and By offering educational and training opportunities in arts and craft related fields including without limitation: visual arts, crafts, culinary arts and such other areas as may be appropriate and feasible; and By providing educational experiences to students that might not otherwise have access to such education; and By providing facilities for artists where their work may be displayed, produced, sold and housed; and By partnering with other non-profit organizations; public agencies including government; schools; foundations; and such other entitites as shall contribute to the achievement of this mission; and By providing exposure to the local heritage and rich artistic legacy and cultural uniqueness in our community and to visitors as well as residents; and By expanding the role of Arts and Education in our economy, and By being a good steward of the funds and resources made available to us

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