Branchville Railroad Shrine and Museum

7505 Freedom RD

Branchville, SC 29432

Phone: (803) 274-8820

City: Branchville

Region: Midlands

Branchville Railroad Shrine and Museum

Branchville, located on the southern tip of Orangeburg County, is home to the world's oldest railroad junction. The junction was built in 1828 and ran from Charleston to Branchville and was on the route of the country's first scheduled train. For more than a century, Branchville's economy was based on railroad passenger service. The town has highlighted its historical distinction by establishing the Branchville Railroad Shrine and Museum at the site of the old train depot. A caboose, a semaphore signal, and several baggage carts are on display outside. Inside, you will find numerous artifacts, including a model of the "Best Friend" steam locomotive. Although largely destroyed by fire in 1995, the building and museum have been restored and a restaurant is on site.

Each September, townspeople celebrate Branchville’s history with the Raylrode Daze Festivul.

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