Day One, April 1861 at Patriots Point

40 Patriots Point RD

Mount Pleasant, SC 29464

Phone: (843) 884-2727

City: Mount Pleasant

Region: Coastal & Islands

Day One, April 1861 at Patriots Point

Patriots Point will be the site of our “Day One, April 1861 Event”, April 9-14. The event is in conjunction with the Civil War Sesquicentennial activities coordinated by the National Park Service, and will feature 325 reenactors, cannons, educational activities, and more. 2010 to 2015 marks the Sesquicentennial of a historic series of events in our nation’s history which altogether encompasses what we know as The Civil War. There is no joy to be found in a war that caused the deaths of over 620,000 Americans from the North and the South – who lived, fought and died for what they believed. However, there is much we can learn from them and from that extraordinary conflict, as the lessons of history are meant to be examined, understood, and applied. It is important to know that the Sesquicentennial is not a celebration but an observance of an event that changed the course of our nation’s history.

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