NASCAR Racing Experience

455 Hospitality LN

Myrtle Beach, SC 29579

Phone: (843) 236-0500

City: Myrtle Beach

Region: Coastal & Islands

NASCAR Racing Experience

NASCAR Racing Experience, the true NASCAR Driving Experience at Myrtle Beach Speedway! Nobody gets you closer to real NASCAR Racing than NASCAR Racing Experience. NASCAR Racing Experience brings you the most professional and technically advanced NASCAR racing experience in the world! What makes NASCAR Racing Experience unique? Real NASCAR race cars, no lead car to follow, passing is allowed and Racing Electronics in-car radios.

At NASCAR Racing Experience, you can drive a real NASCAR race car that have come from some of NASCAR's greatest stars! The fleet consists of the actual race cars that have been driven by current NASCAR drivers including five-time NASCAR champion Jimmie Johnson, Dale Jr., Jeff Gordon and other NASCAR favorites.

If driving these NASCAR race cars weren't thrilling enough, add the fact that you'll be taking laps on the world's premiere super speedways in real NASCAR race cars.

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