Historic Old Pickens Court House District

Old Pickens Church RD

Seneca, SC 29678

Phone: (864) 906-7246

City: Seneca

Region: Mountains

Historic Old Pickens Court House District

The Old Pickens Presbyterian Church story begins with the 1828 establishment of a town named Pickens Court House, South Carolina. Today, nearly 160 years after it was built, the Old Pickens Church stands as a reminder of what was one of the focal points of a well-planned town of Pickens Court House. The church was given a prominent location on a hill overlooking the Keowee River in the town that was the county seat. Pickens Court House served residents who settled in the town but also families in the Keowee River Valley. The church was built in the late 1830s out of handmade brick taken from the river banks. It has a single gable-style roof and is situated on the original Cherokee Nation War Path. The inside has a gallery where the slaves could worship together with others. For more information go to www.oldpickens.org.

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