Brown's Bar-B-Q

809 N Williamsburg County HWY

Kingstree, SC 29556

Phone: (843) 382-2753

City: Kingstree

Region: Midlands

Brown's Bar-B-Q

For 26 years, Brown's Bar-B-Q has been tantalizing taste buds with their spicy barbecue cooked with what they call barbecue gravy. It's the sauce made with vinegar and peppers, poured on the pork while it's cooking, then removed and customers later pour it on their barbecue and even veggies. Speaking of veggies, Brown's serves fresh corn, squash, zucchini, and broccoli, okra, butter beans, collards, cabbage and other seasonal vegetables grown in their garden. On the buffet you'll also find rice, macaroni, yams, barbecue chicken, fried chicken, barbecue turkey, baked turkey, barbecue ribs, smoked ham, potato salad, coleslaw, and of course, chopped barbecue.

. Unlike most barbecue restaurants, Brown's is open during the week including Sundays. Stop by on your way to or from the beach. Located on Highway 52, Brown's Bar-B-Q has been named one of the Top Barbecue Houses in South Carolina by the South Carolina Barbeque Association.

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