Fatback's BB'Q

3609 US 52 HWY

Coward, SC 29530

Phone: (843) 210-7447

City: Coward

Region: Midlands

Fatback's BB'Q

If it wasn't for the sign, you might think it's what it used to be. Fatback's BB'Q is housed in a former produce stand in Cope. While they don't sell sweet potatoes here any longer, they do serve them in treats like sweet potato pie, sweet potato soufflé and candied yams. But you want to know abou the barbecue, right? It's worth stopping by for a barbecue plate or sandwich if you're anywhere near Florence or Lake City. You'll also find hash, chicken bog and fresh local vegetables on the menu. Fatback's is a fairly new restaurant, but a South Carolina Barbeque Association judge says "You've just gotta try Fatback's." They're the experts, take their word for it.

Fatback's BB'Q only accepts cash and checks.

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