Stars Rooftop & Grill Room

495 King ST

Charleston, SC 29403

Phone: (843) 577-0100

City: Charleston

Region: Coastal & Islands

Stars Rooftop & Grill Room

Stars Rooftop and Grill Room is located on Upper King Street, Charleston’s new downtown dining and entertainment district. It is housed in a restored historic Arts and Crafts building. Stars features its signature Carolina Cuisine in a stunning 1930’s style Grill Room and Walnut Bar. It also has Charleston’s only Rooftop Bar with a 360 degree view of the city’s historic district and seven historic church Steeples. The Rooftop along with Stars’ second floor banquet and special events room has quickly become the cities go to destination for special celebrations, parties, meetings and weddings of all types.

Chef Joe Dimaio and his Charleston’s best all-star culinary team have developed what is now called “Carolina Cuisine” by critics and locals. This regional style of cooking is defined by personal relationships with farmers, fisherman, and many other varied purveyors from the bountiful food sources in the Lowcountry, Upcountry, and Appalachian Mountain Areas of the Carolinas. Another component of “Carolina Cuisine” is the use of live fire wood cooking on a grill and spit as well as flame baking in a Hearth Oven. Also this cuisine requires a flame fired flattop griddle or plancha for certain fish, meats and particularly local vegetables. These relationships and the products they provide as well these three cooking techniques provide the necessary basis for producing a menu now being called “Carolina Cuisine”.

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