Miniature World Of Trains

7 Falls Park DR

Greenville, SC 29601

Phone: (864) 991-8347

City: Greenville

Region: Mountains

Miniature World Of Trains

The Miniature World Of Trains, featuring the Transportation Museum of the World, is a fun and educational family experience. Visitors can see as many as 40 computerized model trains in HO (1/87th) Scale, traversing the highly detailed large city and industry scene, and traveling through the Blue Ridge to the Rocky Mountains - with the model reaching over 12 feet tall! The exhibit features more than 100 structures, hundreds of vehicles and people, animated signs, city lights and railroad signs and signals. The largest display of its kind in the Southeast, the Miniature World of Trains shows how goods are transported around the world, using computerized and digitally controlled systems.

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