Beyond the Bull

8095 Keowee School RD

Seneca, SC 29672

Phone: (864) 508-1254

City: Seneca

Region: Mountains

Beyond the Bull

Located in the Golden Corner near Lakes Keowee and Jocassee, Beyond the Bull offers "smart", creative, food prepared from scratch without added sugar, refined grains or additives, using cooking methods that eliminate transfats. Menu selections include wild game, seafood and lamb, sides, salads, wraps and original salsas and sauces as well as their most popular one-of-a-kind signature dishes --- the Bull lobster loll, rabbit "wings", seafood brodetto, duck cakes, and wild boar sausage roll. A summer treat is the classic Maine lobster roll offered from May to September and year round monthly Downeast lobster boils. Beyond the Bull prides itself on serving animal proteins that are hunted, grazed, wild caught or fed their natural diet without growth hormones, pellets, or other processing additives. Their slogan --- Eat Smart, Feel good!

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