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Charleston is a perfectly chilling blend of the new and old worlds, representing both South Carolina's current modernity and its crumbling past. Charleston Terrors promises its guests an authentic experience through the haunted history of this atmospheric city, through shadowed streets and past darkened buildings. Guests are free to choose between the one hour of haunts, offered nightly at 8:00 PM, and the thirty extra minutes on the offered extension. The stories shared with Charleston Terrors' guests have all been intensively researched and are constantly updated to ensure an experience as historically accurate as possible. Charleston Terrors' guides are professional and courteous, expertly recounting the twisted tales of death, betrayal, and murder. Guests will experience the tragedy of the Great Fire of 1861, and the misery it brought to the Mills Mouse Hotel. They will see the Old Exchange and Provost Dungeon, becoming all too familiar with the Revolutionary War horror trapped within. The tales of the horrible conditions and continued residents Old City Jail are sure to send shivers down the spine. This is appropriate and spooky fun for all ages, recommended for children and adults. The qualified guides and storytellers will lead any and all guests through a memorable night. Charleston Terrors is sure to be a night worth the fright.