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Fort Mill History Museum

Olde English District

Olde English District

As we looked back in time to events that helped make this community what it is today, we found it was not just historic events that brought us to the present day but a combination of events, people from all walks of life, special places, and childhood memories. The stories we hear that make up the fabric of our community are so interesting. They must be collected, preserved, and shared with all who are here today and those who will come this way tomorrow. The beautiful works of art you will see in the Samuel E. White Gallery are creations of very talented local artists. They give you a glimpse of what Fort Mill was like from the 1600s to today. As the museum grows, the timeline will grow. Important dates and events that occurred throughout the history of this community will be added. Oral histories will also become a part of the timeline and throughout the museum. The past is definitely coming to life at the Fort Mill History Museum and we invite you to become a part of it. Come join in our mission!