Clemson Blue Cheese

720 McMillan RD

Clemson, SC 29634

Phone: (864) 656-3242

City: Clemson

Region: Mountains

Clemson Blue Cheese

Clemson Blue Cheese has a history that dates back to 1940, when blue cheese was cured in the damp air of the Stumphouse Mountain Tunnel near Walhalla by a Clemson dairy professor. The tunnel was unsafe and was closed to visitors for many years, but has recently been reopened for tourists. Since 1958, the cheese has been made in Clemson’s Newman Hall, where air-conditioned rooms replicate the temperatures and humidity of the tunnel. In 2009, Clemson Blue Cheese was rated among the best in the nation at the 15th biennial United States Championship Cheese Contest in Green Bay, Wis.

The primary retail sales location for Clemson University's famous Blue Cheese is the Hendrix Student Center Eastside Food Court, 720 McMillan Road. The cheese can also be ordered online or by phone. Call 864-656-3242 or 800-599-0181.

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