Sweetgrass Baskets

2673 Mercury RD

Mount Pleasant, SC 29466

Phone: (843) 884-1326

City: Mount Pleasant

Region: Coastal & Islands

Sweetgrass Baskets

Coil baskets of native sweetgrass and long leaf pine needles sewn with strips of palmetto leaf is a craft handed down through generations since the 1700's. Unique to the low country, it represents one of the oldest West African art forms in America. Basketweavers can be found at basket stands along Hwy. 17 in Mt. Pleasant. To purchase baskets contact:

Betsy Frazier (843) 884-6271
Jeanette Lee (843) 884-8361
Ethel Mannigault (843) 884-9832
Vera Mannigault (843) 884-5617
Ruth Wright (843) 884-8275

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