Hike to Rainbow Falls

By:Marie McAden


One of my favorite hikes in the Mountain B​ridge Wilderness Area is the Rainbow Falls ​Trail. It’s a bit of a climb, but oh, so worth every grunt and groan up the mountain.

The 2.4-mile hike begins in Jones Gap State Park. Start off on the Jones Gap Trail, a pleasant walk along the Middle Saluda River. At about the three-quarter-mile mark, you’ll hit the junction to the Rainbow Falls Trail. Cross the sturdy footbridge over the river and you’re on your way.

You’ll traverse the river several more times using a variety of makeshift spans from a flat-top log with a handrail to a narrow granite block to large river rocks. From there on, the pleasant walk turns into a relentless climb up granite and wooden steps, steep hills and rocky slopes. In a distance of 1.6 miles you will ascend approximately 1,000 feet.

Not to worry. You’ll have plenty of opportunity to catch your breath when you get to the end of the trail and gaze upon the beautiful Rainbow Falls. The water drops 100 feet over steep walls streaked with layers of amphibolites gneiss, granite gneiss and mica schist. A rocky ledge near the bottom of the falls creates another picturesque cascade as it continues its descent down the mountain. 

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Rainbow Falls drops 100 feet over steep walls streaked with black and tan from the alternating layers of amphibolite gneiss, granitic gneiss, and mica schist. In the spri ...

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