Southern Living Pays Tribute to Pimento Cheese

By:Gwen Fowler


If there’s more of a comfort food than pimento cheese, I haven’t discovered it yet. When I was little, my mother made pimento cheese sandwiches to take on picnics, and those sandwiches are still my No. 1 choice for a picnic. Actually, they’re my No. 1 choice for a sandwich anytime.

Southern L​iving magazine paid tribute to pimento cheese in a Feb​ruary issue, providing the recipes of five masters of the South’s favorite sandwich spread and even recommending a few brands you can buy in the grocery or order online.

One recipe included is from Chef Robert Stehling, who offers quite a few pimento cheese delicacies on his menu at the Homin​y Grill in Ch​arleston. For example, his picnic sampler includes pimento cheese, shaved country ham and okra pickles. One thing a little different about his recipe is that it includes a small amount of bourbon.

Another recipe is from Chef Louis Osteen, who won the Jame​s Beard Award for best chef in the Southeast in 2004. Pimento cheese played an important role in his South Carolina restaurants, and he called it the Pate of the South.

A simple pimento cheese spread isn’t difficult to make, but fortunately there are some great choices these days if you want to buy it instead. Southern Living reco​mmends five, including Palmetto Cheese, the creation of Sassy Henry of Pawleys Island. She had her husband, Brian, own the Sea Vie​w Inn in Pawle​ys Island, where her pimento cheese is a longtime favorite. There’s the original Palmetto C​heese, one with jalapenos and one with bacon. All three are delicious. It’s available in many grocery stores and onli​ne. (If you visit Pawleys Island, check out Get Carri​ed Away, their carry-out business that offers lots of yummy foods.

Another recommended brand is Callie’s Pimento Cheese from Callie’s Charlest​on Biscuits in Charleston. It’s also available in the fiery version.

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