27-foot Catamaran Offers Fun Way to Experience Charleston Harbor

By:Marie McAden


High adventure or kick-back cruise? You never know what you’re going to get sailing Charleston Harbor aboard the 27-foot catamaran, Prevailing Winds. Depends on, well, the prevailing winds.

What you’re guaranteed is a fantastic view of the historic city’s skyline and some of the harbor’s famed landmarks, including Castle Pinckney, the Ravenel Bridge and Fort Sumter.

Charleston Sailing Adventures offers two different 90-minute trips aboard the Stiletto, a sailboat known for its speed and stability. Even in strong winds, the boat’s pontoons don’t lift up, making for a fast, smooth ride.

Because you sit closer to the water than on a standard monohull sailboat, there’s a sense of excitement as you cut through the waves.

The Prevailing Winds features a large, comfortable cockpit along with a spacious trampoline on the bow of the boat where you can stretch out and enjoy a front-row seat to the seaside panorama. In brisk winds, the water rushing beneath you may splash up through the mesh — a welcome refresher on a sultry summer day.

On the dolphin/eco trip, you’ll be looking out for Atlantic bottlenose dolphins, often seen cruising the area in search of their next meal. You’ll learn about the marine mammal’s diet, habitat and behavior, as well as other wildlife that frequent the area waters. Cost for the sail is $40.

Charleston Sailing Adventures also offers a sunset sail at one of the prettiest times of the day, when the sky turns a pastel color to create a spectacular backdrop for Charleston’s historic waterfront. Price for this trip is $60.

For those looking for a truly out-of-the-ordinary outing, there’s the Morris Island sail. On this three-hour excursion, the Prevailing Winds will sail out of the harbor and beach on the remote Morris Island. Passengers will have a chance to explore the uninhabited island and view its historic lighthouse, built in 1876 to help guide sailors into Charleston Harbor. Trip price is $112.50.

The Prevailing Winds sails daily from the Charleston Maritime Center. Cruises are limited to six passengers. Guests are welcome to bring munchies and beverages. A cooler is provided for their use.

For more information, contact Charleston Sailing Adventures.

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