Bike Skills Flow Park Offers Challenges for Every Level of Rider

By:Marie McAden


Want to learn how to mountain bike, but not looking forward to Mother Nature’s school of hard knocks? Before you hit the trails — and any trees in your path — take a couple of practice runs at the Bike Skills Flow Park in Travelers Rest.

Located within Greenville’s Gateway Park, the multi-loop course offers bikers a progression of trails with features and challenges designed to introduce newbies to the sport and sharpen the skills of more advanced riders.

The figure-eight pump track, a high-thrill, low-risk course with loads of momentum-building humps and turns, allows riders to work on their bike handling skills without having to worry about arboreal obstacles.

The pump, berm and jump track, affectionately known as PB&J, offers more skill-building opportunities with its diverse features.

Circling the entire park is a cross-country track with a variety of terrain and riding surfaces as well as several drop-offs. Riders can practice navigating along planks, over wood logs and across bumpy stone passages.

There’s even a shorter kids’ loop with the same kinds of features but easy enough for a trike-riding toddler to handle.

“It allows younger riders to get the feel of different textures under their wheels,” said Colin Young, program coordinator for Greenville County’s Division of Greenways, Natural and Historic Resources.

The toughest section winds through the woods and features some serious drops and numerous challenges.

“It’s a great place to practice your skills before riding the trails at Paris Mountain State Park or Pleasant Ridge Park,” Young said. “Every part of the ride has different features.”

You can access the park from the GHS Swamp Rabbit Trail, located at mile marker 24.

If you don’t have a bike or didn’t haul yours along, you can rent one from Sunrift Adventures, conveniently located at the south end of the park on Center Street. A half-day rental is $40 for a front-suspension bike and $50 for full suspension. For more information, contact Sunrift Adventures.

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