Brackish B​ow Ties out of Cha​rleston

By:Shani Gilchrist


I think every man who has attended a formal affair has had this feeling at least once. You receive the invitation, your spouse or date fusses over what to wear, and you’re thinking, “I have to put on that plain, black bow tie again.”

Well, South Carolina is known for doing things differently in many aspects, and men's fashion is one of the realms that offers a particular charm. During the spring we start seeing seersucker suits and pants embroidered with ducks or palmetto trees. But black tie events still tend to have little variation on that particular men’s accessory until lately. Over the past few years specialty companies have popped up around the state offering unique variations for men to choose from.

One such variation comes from Brackish B​ow Ties out of Cha​rleston. Company founder Ben Ross combined his love of the outdoors with his desire to avoid blending in with the crowd by fashioning bow ties out of turkey feathers. He started out giving the bow ties as groomsmen’s gifts for his own wedding, but the elegant conversation-starters have grown a large following and are now sold for $89 to $110 each.

If you’re looking for a way to avoid the black-tie-blah’s, check out the compa​ny’s website. You’ll be the hit of your next party!

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