CarolinaFest Boogie is a Skydiving Extravaganza

By:Marie McAden


Get ready to boogie — and I’m not talking on the dance floor.

The Annual Carolina​Fest Boogie is a skydiving spectacular drawing more than 300 skydivers from across the country to Chest​er for six crazy days of high-flying fun.

Hosted by Skydiv​e Carolina, the event features virtually nonstop jumping from four different airplanes and a helicopter, flight instruction, a variety of entertainment and a neon carnival with glow-in-the-dark costume party. They’re a special breed, those skydivers!

But it’s the two days of free loads that really get the skydiving junkies going. Free flights are offered Thursday and Saturday to all Boogie registrants. You just need to have your rig packed and ready to go.

For those wanting to up their game, wingsuit group training is available on a first come, first served basis, along with individual coaching on the first three days of the event.

For more information or to pre-register for CarolinaFest Boogie, click ​here.

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