Disc Golf at Timmons Park in Greenville

By:Marie McAden


If you’re one of those disc maniacs who never leaves home without your disc bag, I’ve got a sensational course for you to check out the next time you’re visiting the Up​coun​try.

Located just outside of downtown​ Greenville, Tim​mons Park features an 18-hole course that has earned rave reviews from both experienced and newbie players. Short and tight with elevation on 10 holes and fast pin placements on hillsides, the challenging layout presents plenty of opportunity for aces without giving them away.

Make a note: this popular course places a premium on accuracy. If you’re just out to throw the disc around, you’ll end up adding lots of strokes to your score. And with both wooded and open sections, you’ll need to know how to throw a variety of shots.

Only a handful of holes lie on flat terrain. Most are uphill or downhill with a few pins placed on hillsides, making for some interesting shots. Although the fairways are well-trimmed, you’ll find some narrow throwing lines between trees. On some of the longer holes, trees seem to be strategically placed to prevent you from chucking straight bombs to the basket.

The trees aren’t the only natural hazards that will keep you on your toes. A creek comes into play on holes 2, 5, 7, 8, 9 and 11. The water isn’t all that deep, so you don’t need to don your waders to fetch wayward-flying discs.

With all its challenges, Timmons Park is a great course for beginners, too. Many of the holes are short. The layout also provides novice players with the chance to work on their finesse and touch shots.

And what a beautiful setting to spend an afternoon. Mature trees shade the majority of the holes. Nine of the DISCatcher baskets run along the babbling brook. There’s almost always someone playing on the course, so if you come alone, it’s easy to pick up a friendly game.

The 26.6-acre park, at 121 Oxford St., also features a lighted baseball field, two lighted tennis courts, playground, picnic shelter and mountain biking trial.

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