Eat at Aunt Sue's

By:Marie McAden


One of my favorite places to relax and refuel is Aunt Sue's Cou​ntry Corner in Picken​s.

Just off the Cherokee Foot​hills Scenic Highway (S.C. Hwy. 11), two miles east of Table Rock S​tate Park, this friendly village center features a restaurant, ice cream parlor and unique assortment of shops.

Although my first stop is usually the ice cream store, fall’s cooler temperatures put me in the mood for a warm freshly made cobbler. The season’s selections included cherry, blackberry and peach. I went with peach. My husband went with cherry. We both went for vanilla ice cream on top.

I don’t know why, but decadent desserts always taste so much better after a good outdoor workout. With burned-off calories in the bank, you can eat guilt free and enjoy every bite of delicious gooey goodness.

After our post-hiking indulgence, we took a seat in a couple of rockers on the restaurant’s front porch to soak in the fall ambiance. On weekends, local musicians can often be found playing bluegrass tunes on the porch. Out back on the stage, cloggers perform regularly.

Housed in a rustic wooden building, Aunt Sue’s has a country store feel that fits right into the mountain setting. There’s even a checkerboard table inside the parlor of the ice cream store ready for a friendly game of checkers.

Be sure to browse the village’s eclectic array of specialty shops, including The Rock House, featuring precious and semi-precious jewelry, The Wood House, offering an extensive selection of hand-carved bowls and wooden toys, and The Candle House, with, you guessed it, loads and loads of candles.

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