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Go Searching for Tigers in Clemson

Kerry Egan Kerry Egan

Clemson is not just the name of one of the best universities in the country. It's also the name of the adorable college town that's home to that university. There's a lot to discover on the town's streets, and that makes it perfect for a scavenger hunt. Print out these clues and take the kids on a fun scavenger-hunt walk through town and campus.

1. Start on the corner of College and Keith streets. As you slowly walk your way up the hill, keep your eyes open for tigers. They are all over. Did you know this scavenger hunt is actually a tiger hunt? Look in store windows and on painted murals. Tigers are everywhere. Count how many you can find. Can you find a tiger all dressed up in fancy clothes? What about a tiger taking a "bath"?

2. It's not just tigers you'll find on College Street. You'll find their tracks everywhere, too. How many giant paw prints can you find? Can you discover which bank tigers must visit? It's Wells Fargo, covered in tracks.

3. When you get to the end of College Street, cross over. Can you find the name on a brick wall that tells you the reason behind all these tigers? Of course it's Clemson University, home of the Clemson Tigers.

4. Look around this shady plaza. Can you find two "boys, mere boys?" That quote is from "And Then There Was War," a sculpture dedicated to the class of 1944 and the students who died in World War II.

5. Look left. Can you find 20 steps? What's at the top? It's a great big lawn, perfect for running around. This lawn is called Bowman Field.

6. On Bowman Field, can you find two big cannons? What about a young man in uniform?

7. At the top of the sloping lawn, can you find a message in the steps? Each step has a different word carved into it. What do they say? Look for "life," "loyalty," and "integrity." What are some other words?

8. And now look for footprints, but not tiger footprints this time. Can you find the human footprints in the concrete?

9. Read the signs and placards. Can you discover what this place is? It's the Military Heritage Plaza of Clemson, celebrating the university's proud military past.

10. Walk to the top of the steps and around to the front of the big brick building. What time is it? Here's a hint: Look all the way up. The clock tower on the top of Tillman Hall houses the Clemson Memorial Carillon. Stay long enough and you will hear the Carillon's 48 bells ring out the time.

11. Now turn around and see if you can discover the man who founded it all-both the university and the little town that took his name. It's a bronze statue of Thomas Green Clemson.

12. And of course, by now you've probably noticed the other color that tigers are made of, at least the ones in South Carolina. If you said orange and purple, you're right!

Now that you've gone on a tiger hunt and discovered why Clemson is full of those purple and orange paw prints, check out some more places to visit on the beautiful Clemson campus on their website.

Kerry Egan
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