Golf at Santee National Golf Club

By:Bob Gillespie


Golf in America was founded in Charleston, according to multiple historic documents, and America’s Best Tourist City (according to Conde Nast) is a hotbed for great golf and great vacation stays.

So when a publication that focuses on the city and its golf ventures outside the area to review a golf course – and gives it a big thumbs-up – chances are the reviewer has found a pretty sweet deal. Such is the case, according to Charleston Golf News, which in its most recent online editions recounts a golf trip that produced a glowing impression of Santee National Golf Club.

So how did Charleston Golf News wind up writing about a deal in Santee Cooper Country?

Writes the unnamed reviewer (Kasey King is Charleston Golf News’ publisher): “For years, people told me about this golf course on Interstate 95 called Santee National. As soon as people would mention the golf course, I would always say, ‘That’s too far for me.’ (But) the first time I drove to Santee (from Charleston), it took me 49 minutes. That’s it. I routinely drive 45-50 minutes to play golf at courses all throughout the greater Charleston area.”

The reviewer also discovered how easy finding Santee National is: “Get on Interstate 26 and head west. Hope on I-95 and head north for 10 minutes. Get off I-95 at Exit 98, turn left and look for the golf course less than a mile on the left (on S.C. 6). Pretty simple, right?”

Pretty simple – and, from all indications, it’s a pretty good deal, too, one worth the drive and the price. For information or to book a stay, call (800) 345-7888 or go to

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