Help the Kids Find a Dinosaur in South Carolina

By:Kerry Egan


It seems that every kid goes through a phase where they are dinosaur-crazy. Dinosaur toys, dinosaur movies, dinosaur clothing. Some even live the dream 24/7 on dinosaur sheets.

But how exciting would that child be if he or she could see dinosaurs seemingly to come to life, learn more about prehistoric creatures and even dig for real fossils, all on your next vacation? Well, we have you covered in South Carolina. Check out our list of activities for dinosaur-obsessed children (and their parents).

The South Carolina State Museum has an extensive paleontology collection, and kids can see real-life dinosaur bones. But dinos aren’t the only fossils at the museum. They also have fossils of ancient marine life, and prehistoric camels, mammoths and even saber-toothed cats that once roamed South Carolina. And don’t miss the hulking mastodon, or the massive megalodon shark swimming overhead. If Jaws didn’t make you think twice about swimming, the 43-foot long, life-size model of this prehistoric fish just might!

Want to actually get out there and go dig up some fossils? You’re in luck. Coastal South Carolina is incredibly rich in fossils, from massive teeth from those megalodon sharks, to bones of woolly mammoths and prehistoric whales, to the fossilized imprints tiny marine creatures in the mud. LowCountry Fossil Excursions allows you and your family to become fossil hunters. Experienced guides take families to areas of known fossils, and bring all the tools you need to find ancient bones, from shovels to sieves. It’s a fossil-lovers' excursion like no other.

Ever dreamt of returning to the age of dinosaurs and walking around among them? Well, we can’t take you back in time, but we can offer the next best thing: Life-sized animatronic dinosaurs that seem so real they’ll make you jump.

Carowinds amusement park on the South Carolina/North Carolina state line isn’t home to just thrilling roller coasters and an amazing waterpark. It’s also home to Dinosaurs Alive! This outdoor exhibit lets you walk among more than 30 moving, roaring dinosaurs models.

Dinosaurs: The Exhibition in Myrtle Beach also gives visitors the chance to enter dinosaur’s world with animatronic models, but this time indoors at the Palace Theatre. You can even go for a ride on the back of T-Rex. What dinosaur-obsessed kid wouldn’t love that?

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