Hike to Hidden Falls

By:Marie McAden


If you’re visiting Oconee St​ate Park this spring, put Hidden Falls Trail on your must-hike list. This easy-to-moderate trail ends at a beautiful cascade in the lush upc​ountry forest.

It starts along the Foothills Access Trail and crosses the Oconee Passa​ge of the Palmetto Trail before coming to the junction with the Tamassee Knob Trail. Take the left fork.

Another mile up the path, you’ll come to an old road. The Foothills Trail crosses the road and bears left. To get to the Hidden Falls Trail, turn right on the road and look for the large sign directing you to the falls.

At this point, the trail begins a gradual descent through the woods. But you won’t notice the elevation change until your return trip. Enjoy the easy stroll among the hardwoods as you are serenaded by the rippling sounds of Tamassee Creek through the dense brush on the right side of the path.

Before you know it, you’ll be hitting a couple of steep sections that lead to the 50-foot falls. The rocks around the cascade provide plenty of level spots to sit and eat a snack or lunch. You’ll want to rest up for the return trip. After you get past the steep sections, it’s a slow, but steady ascent to the intersection with the old road.

Roundtrip, it’s a 4.2 mile hike. Certainly worth it for the chance to see Hidden Falls.

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