Leisurely Outing in Boeckh Park

By:Marie McAden


As much as I love a good outdoor adventure, there are days when I want to take it slow and enjoy the scenery without the sweat. Boeckh Park in North Augusta offers everything you need for just that kind of lazy, laid-back outing.

The six-acre park is located alongside the Savannah River and a 1.5-mile extension of the city’s popular Greeneway. It’s perfect for a leisurely Sunday stroll when you’re in no hurry to get anywhere. The smooth pathway meanders along the river, inviting walkers to stop and enjoy the view of the waterway as it rolls slowly over the fall line that separates the piedmont from the coastal plain.

Known as Hammond’s Ferry Loop, the trail forks off the seven-mile Greeneway near Crystal Lake, following Crystal Creek through the woods to the Savannah River. It continues its course, winding along the riverbank to the Georgia Avenue bridge where it connects with the roundabout at Riverside Boulevard near the eastern end of the Greeneway.

Flowers blooming along the flat riverfront pathway add to the idyllic park scene. On the inland side of the trail is a large grassy area that’s a nice spot to spread out a blanket for a picnic lunch or an outdoor nap.

Closer to the water is the Boeckh Park Pavilion, an open-air structure featuring rustic wood and brick columns, a fireplace and bench seating. The tin-roof structure is often used for community gatherings and festivals.

On a hot summer day, you can walk down a ramp to a floating dock on the river, sit on the edge and dangle your feet in the cool water. The dock is also a favorite with anglers looking to bring home bass or catfish for dinner.

Boeckh Park is in the Hammond’s Ferry community at 501 Front St. For more information on North Augusta parks, click here.

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