Take the Challenge at WonderWorks’ Soar + Explore Outdoor Adventure Attraction

By:Marie McAden


Want to add a little adventure to your Myrtle Beach vacation? Go Soar + Explore at Broadway at the Beach.

WonderWorks’ outdoor attraction offers a double dose of fun with a 500-foot zipline and three-level ropes course. And this one’s tame enough for even the moderately daring thrill-seeker.

The dual-line zipline takes participants 50 feet above Lake Broadway on a course that travels nearly 1,000 feet between towers. Securely strapped into a harness attached to cables, you’ll fly without so much as a flutter, letting gravity do all the work. You have to weigh a minimum of 80 pounds and measure at least 54-inches to participate in this adventure ride.

To run the ropes course, the height requirement is 42 inches for kids accompanied by an adult. If they’re at least 48 inches tall, they can take the challenge solo.

The course features 33 different elements that become progressively more difficult as you ascend from one level to the next. When you’re 10 feet off the ground, traversing a narrow plank is a cakewalk. At 40 feet, it’s a psychological challenge meant to test your daring.

But there’s no reason to worry. Participants are strapped into a full-body harness equipped with a lanyard that slides into a continuous overhead track running in every direction on the structure. You are hooked into the system before you climb the first step and remain fastened to the steel structure until you are back on the ground. If you fall off any of the elements, you won’t drop more than a few inches.

To make your way along the course, you have to climb or cross a series of rickety bridges, cargo nets, balance beams and cables. Some of the obstacles are more unnerving than others.

If you freeze in fear, sky guards are stationed about the structure, ready to offer tips on how to best cross the obstacle. As you meet each challenge, you’ll become increasingly confident.

It takes most people at least 30 minutes to traverse the 30-plus obstacles, but there is no time limit. The ropes course is designed to allow participants to proceed at their own pace in whatever direction they want to go. You can cross the same obstacle as many times as you want or skip it altogether. There are always alternative routes you can take.

Those who make it to the top level are rewarded with a fantastic view of Lake Broadway and all the shops, restaurants and attractions surrounding it.

The ropes challenge is $12 per person, the zipline adventure $20. If you book the adventure combo, it’s $27. Want to learn more about Soar + Explore? Call 843.626.9962.

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