Thrills and Chills

By:Katie McElveen


Just how haunted is South Carolina? If the plethora of ghost sightings in Charleston and paranormal experiences in Georgetown are any indication, the answer is “very.”

In Charleston, take the Old City Jail, which was built on top of a potter’s field from the 17th century. “There are a few guides who just won’t go into that building,” says Diane Bell, a guide with Bulldog Tours who’s been leading groups around Charleston for more than 15 years. “There are a whole lot of things going on there.” Bulldog offers a number of walking tours highlighting some of the city’s ghostly residents, including a visit to several of Charleston’s haunted pubs, a graveyard tour and exclusive access to a number of bone-chilling buildings.

As the third-oldest city in South Carolina, Georgetown is often considered one of the most haunted cities of the South, and with good reason, thanks to a maritime history rife with sailors lost at sea and pirate battles. Make a reservation with Ghosts of Georgetown to embark on a lantern-led walking tour of haunted places such as the graveyard at All Saints Episcopal Church where it’s said the ghost of Alice Flagg, a lovesick teen, searches for her lost engagement ring; Hagley Landing, where the ghosts of a lovers’ triangle still roam; or the Georgetown County Courthouse—locals say footsteps can be heard late at night.

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