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South Carolina’s capital city is home to a variety of renowned restaurants, all of which bring something unique and exciting to the table. Whether you’re looking for a quick bite downtown or dinner reservations with a view of the South Carolina State House, Columbia has you and your appetite covered.


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Exploring Charleston's History, Art and Architecture

Spend a weekend basking in Charleston's storied history and beauty.

Amy Holtcamp

Greenville’s Own “Left Bank”

Discover the artistic community thriving on the south bank of Greenville's Reedy River. Spend some time visiting the different shops and open studios that make up the area.

Amy Holtcamp

Visit the Hopsewee Plantation

Visit Hopsewee Plantation, a privately owned plantation home in Georgetown, South Carolina. Frank and Raejean Beattie open up their home to numerous visitors throughout the year to explore a beautiful piece of South Carolina history.

Amy Holtcamp

Greenville Has Fabulous Free Public Art

Explore the vibrant artistic community of Greenville, South Carolina. The city has plenty of public art and open studios for visitors and locals to enjoy and discover the art of Upstate South Carolina.

Amy Holtcamp

Mud Slinging: The Legacy of South Carolina Pottery

The legacy and history of pottery in South Carolina goes back to the Catawba Indians who inhabited the region. Since then, pottery has become a part of the art and history of South Carolina as locals made and used their own handmade utilitarian pottery.

Amy Holtcamp

Visit the Charleston Museum

Enjoy a trip to the Charleston Museum and explore one of the many uniquely South Carolina exhibits on display.

Amy Holtcamp

Discover Oral History at the Marion County Museum

Discover the stories of Marion County at the Marion County Museum. There’s no better way to learn about the place’s history than by exploring the Marion County Oral History Project exhibit.

Amy Holtcamp

Explore the S.C. Tobacco Museum

Explore the S.C. Tobacco Museum in Mullins to discover a time when tobacco was the lifeblood of the region.

Amy Holtcamp