3 Best Hikes at Devils Fork State Park

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Hiking at Devils Fork State Park is a perfect way to get outside, stretch your legs and experience natural beauty of the Upstate. Spellbinding waterfalls, amazing mountain lake views and rare flowers in bloom are waiting to be discovered.

There are three main trails you can explore at Devils Fork State Park. The Bear Cove Trail is an easy two-mile loop that begins and ends between the park’s two picnic areas. It’s a moderate hiking trail that weaves through a hardwood forest. In the middle of the hike, you’ll reach a small beach with a beautiful view of Lake Jocassee.

The one-mile loop of the Oconee Bell Trail is perfect in spring when the rare Oconee bell is in bloom. This unique delicate wildflower wakes up the dense forest trail with its white and yellow blossoms, red stems and red-hued leaves. You will find the entrance to the trail in the back corner of the main parking area near the entrance of Devils Fork State Park.

The Laurel Fork Trail is only accessible by boat. It’s a short hiking path that connects to the Foothills Trail near Laurel Fork Falls in the northeast corner of Lake Jocassee. The entrance to the path is partially obscured, but if you’re looking for it, you’ll spot a sign on the west side of the inlet near Laurel Fork Falls that leads you to the path. At the end of this trail is a beautiful overlook of the cascading falls.

Hiking the trails of Devils Fork State Park holds unique discoveries with every step, and you’ll find yourself lost in the natural beauty that surrounds you.

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