Cooper's is a Classic Country Store

By:Ernie Wiggins


Country stores and country roads go together like sausage and grits. Though some motorists abandoned them after the creation of the interstate highway system beginning in the 1950s, visitors can still discover hidden treasures along these less traveled routes. Cooper’s Coun​try Store in Wlliamsburg County is one of them.

Built in 1937 by Theron Burrows, Burrows’s Service Station is an important example of a 20th-century two-story country store with living quarters for the family on the second floor. Burrows’s sold staple goods and fresh meat, feed and seed, and farm and automotive supplies. Its motto was “we serve the needs of the neighborhood.” The business was sold to Burrows’ son-in-law George Cooper in 1973, and it was renamed Cooper’s Country Store.

Today, mid-day visitors to Cooper’s will see locals buying gasoline, picking up sandwiches for lunch or a ham for dinner, catching up on local happenings, hearing plans about upcoming weddings and good-naturedly egging one another on about college football.

If You’re Going:

Cooper’s Country Store is located in Williamsburg County at the intersection of S.C. 377 and U.S. 521.

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