Discover the Wetland Conservation at Brick Pond Park

By:Ernie Wiggins


Abundant Water Vegetation at Brick Pond Park
The water features in Brick Pond Park are homes to a wide variety of aquatic plants.

A recent midsummer rain did not discourage early morning visitors to North Augusta’s beautiful Brick Pond Park, located just below the city’s Municipal Center on Georgia Avenue.

Joggers emerged from a trail tunnel near the Municipal Center and turned onto Center Street, which runs through the middle of the park.

A stone’s throw from the Savannah River, Brick Pond Park, which was opened in 2008, is indeed an ideal location for residents and visitors wanting to explore on foot or on bicycle the shaded trails coursing through the park’s 40 acres. Benches are scattered throughout as are tables for those wanting the park’s scenic views as a backdrop for picnics.

But the park also is a wetland conservation area that is home to all manner of wildlife, including alligators, deer, river otters and more than 100 varieties of birds throughout the year. Visitors are warned not to feed any of the wildlife -- it’s against the law in North Augusta -- and heavy fines are imposed on violators.

Brick Pond Park is also an innovative water treatment facility that uses specially selected plants to remove pollutants from storm water through natural processes.

Waterfalls oxygenate and circulate the water that is pooled in two areas – the East and West Ponds. Visitors interested in learning more about the park’s environmental program may call the environmental coordinator at (803) 441-4246.

A pavilion on the East Pond offers visitors an unobstructed view of the park and its residents (and shelter from the rain). Visitors with proper fishing licenses can cast their lines into the West Pond. A dock with seating is provided and only non-motorized boats (canoes, paddle or row boats, etc.) are permitted in the park. Also, visitors must stay in their watercraft. In other words, no swimming or wading in the ponds.

If you’re going: Brick Pond Park is located at 88 Georgia Ave., just off Center Street below the Municipal Center. Parking is available at several locations. Parking lots within the park can be reached by Railroad Avenue (off Riverside Boulevard traffic circle) or by traveling to the end of Center Street. Additional parking is available at the entrance to the North Augusta Greeneway Trail.

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