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South Carolina Cheese Trail

Libby Wiersema Libby Wiersema
Libby Wiersema lived in California and Alabama before settling in South Carolina 38 years ago, where she's covered the state's best culinary offerings and tells the stories behind the food.
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The texture. The tanginess. The terroir. The temptation. Cheese is irresistibly delicious and infused with all the complexities of fine wine. But you don’t have to get technical to reach the most important conclusion: the palate knows what it loves and, for a ton of folks, that ardor leans heavily toward cheese.

Dairy farms and creameries across the Palmetto State are rich sources of tasty, small-batch cheeses. Our skilled cheesemakers take pride in their wares, be it wheels of nutty Gouda, bricks of salty feta, mounds of sweet ricotta or one of the many other cheeses that issue from their dedicated facilities.

Consult the South Carolina Cheese Map for a fromage adventure that is sure to deepen your appreciation for what goes into making artisanal cheeses. Discover new varieties to add to your list of favorites and, at some stops, take a tour to learn about the cheesemaker’s processes and the animals supplying the milk.

Check websites or call ahead for local buying information, tour availability, hours of operation, accepted methods of payment and featured products.

Then, smile, grab the keys and say, “SC cheese, please!”


Logs of goat cheese with herbs
The creamy goat cheeses from Split Creek Farm have garnered many awards.

Whispering Pines, Seneca 
Cheeses: Golden Manchego, pecorino, ricotta salata, ricotta, feta, Mauldinian, Oconee Jack, Halloumi and various sweet and savory soft cheeses made from their own goat or sheep milk.
Where to buy: Purchase from the Whispering Pines on-site store in Seneca; call ahead for service. They also have a presence at Greenville's Saturday Market.
Tours: Yes; Also offers camps, cheese-making classes and other events throughout the year. Call for info.

Split Creek Farm, Anderson 
Cheeses: Marinated feta, marinated feta with olives, feta in brine, dry wrap feta, fromage blanc, chevre made from their own Grade A goat milk.
Where to buy: Purchase from the Split Creek Farm on-site store in Anderson and various retail outlets; see website for details.
Tours: Yes; Self-guided visitation offered Fridays and Saturdays. Guided tours available by appointment.

Forx Farm, Anderson 
Cheeses: Offers 10 flavors of artisan Gouda and colby made from locally sourced raw milk.
Where to buy: Purchase directly from Forx Farm in Anderson or find their cheeses at various Upstate markets. 
Tours: Not offered.

Possum Kingdom Kreamery, Belton 
Cheeses: Spreadable chevre in a variety of flavors, including garlic and basil, cinnamon honey and pecan, lavender and honey and chipotle. Also offers marinated and dry feta.
Where to buy: Purchase at the Possum Kingdom Kreamery farm store and various Upstate markets.
Tours: Yes; farm and store are open to the public. Guided tours by appointment.

Dairy cows peering over fence
Tour Happy Cow Creamery for a look at the source of all their good cheeses.

Milky Way Farm, Starr 
Cheeses: Raw milk Gouda
Where to buy: Purchase from the farm (call ahead) or visit the Milky Way Farm website for a list of retailers.
Tours: Not offered.

Happy Cow Creamery, Pelzer 
Cheeses: Butter cheese, Wisconsin cheddar, hoop cheese, Havarti and dill, white cheddar and onion, smoked provolone, blueberry cheddar, morel/leek and more made from milk from their own herds.
Where to buy: Purchase at the onsite store or check the Happy Cow Creamery website for a list of retailers.
Tours: Yes; Must schedule in advance; see website for details.

Clemson University, Clemson 
Cheeses: Legendary Clemson Blue Cheese made in Clemson with milk from alumni farm, Hickory Hills, in Edgefield.
Where to buy: Purchase on the Clemson University campus, from area retailers or online. 
Tours: Not offered.


Olde English District

Mounds of goat cheese
The milk for Fishing Creek Creamery’s goat cheeses is sourced right on the farm.

Fishing Creek Creamery, Chester 
Cheeses: Goat milk cheeses made with milk from their herd; chevre flavors include garlic and chive, maple walnut, cranberry walnut, classic and the Fishing Creek’s original Spiderbite, flavored with honey and a shot of ghost pepper.
Where to buy: Purchase at the Fishing Creek Creamery farm, area farmers markets and retailers.
Tours: Not offered; Check the website for special events.

Thomas Family Farms, Clover 
Cheeses: Gourmet goat cheese feta (crumbled, marinated, block), chevre (plain and herbed) and spreads.
Where to buy: Purchase from Thomas Family Farms by appointment and from area markets and retailers.
Tours: Not offered.



Clemson Blue Cheese products
Milk from Hickory Hill is the foundation of award-winning Clemson Blue Cheese.

Hickory Hill Milk, Edgefield 
Cheeses: Supplies the milk for Clemson Blue Cheese.
Where to buy: Purchase from Hickory Hill Milk's “honor cooler” on the porch of milk plant in Edgefield or from Clemson University and various retailers; find info here. 
Tours: Yes; Check website for details. 

Turner's Farm Fresh, Bowman 
Cheeses: Cows’ milk cheese curds and block cheeses, including pepper jack, tomato basil, dill, blue and cheddar.
Where to buy: Purchase from area farmers markets; call Turner’s Farm Fresh for info on home delivery.
Tours: Not available.


Thoroughbred Country

Trail Ridge Farm & Dairy, Aiken 
Cheeses: Goat milk cheeses; chevre in a variety of flavors; marinated and crumbled feta.
Where to buy: Purchase Trail Ridge Farm & Dairy's products from markets and retailers in Aiken and across the state.
Tours: Yes; Use the "Contact Us" page to request more information.


Coastal Areas

Cheese curds in cloth sacks hanging to drain
Fromage Frais drains to use for crafting burrata at Charleston Artisan Cheesehouse.

Hope Haven Farm, Harleyville 
Cheeses: Goat milk cheeses, including chevre and feta.
Where to buy: Purchase at Hope Haven Farm or area markets.
Tours: Yes; Call for availability.

The Goatery on Kiawah River, Johns Island 
Cheeses: Variety of goat milk cheeses; call for details.
Where to buy: Call the The Goatery on Kiawah River for an appointment and to check cheese availability.
Tours: Yes; Click here for info on tours and other events. 

Libby Wiersema
Libby Wiersema lived in California and Alabama before settling in South Carolina 38 years ago, where she's covered the state's best culinary offerings and tells the stories behind the food.