Walk the Battlefields of South Carolina

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Parts of the Revolutionary War were fought on South Carolina territory and left the Palmetto State richly laden with historic landmarks. Learn about the battlefields and history of the war that formed the United States and South Carolina as they exist today. Explore Musgrove Mill State Historic Site in Clinton, Hampton Plantation Historic Site and Landsford Canal to discover a part of our nation’s history.

Rewind back to the mid-1700s as you make your way to Clinton, South Carolina, and the Upstate’s Revolutionary War battlefield at Musgrove Mill State Historic Site. Walk through the battlefield’s living history programs and stop by the visitors center to learn about the Battle of Musgrove’s Mill, where a group of outnumbered patriots defeated their loyalist enemies. You could easily spend an entire afternoon learning about the grounds’ history and walking along the site’s many trails (where you may even discover a waterfall).

As a contrast to a site of battle, discover Hampton Plantation State Historic Site, one of the sites that acted as a refuge for women and children during the Revolutionary War. Francis Marion, also known as the Swamp Fox, also hid from the British in the estate’s surrounding rice fields. Visit the Colonial-era plantation to discover other bits of South Carolina history and its role in the war.

For a more outdoorsy experience of the war, venture through Landsford Canal State Park, where units of both the Colonial and loyalist troops crossed from battle to battle. You can enjoy a paddle on the water and explore the wildlife of the canal, knowing that the heroes who built America crossed it more than a hundred years ago.

You can find history all over the Palmetto State. Whether you want to troop around a battlefield, explore historic plantation homes or kayak through a scenic river, there is a bit of history everywhere you look. Enjoy a unique adventure through centuries-old historic battlefields of America to reflect on the past and be refreshed by the experience.

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