What’s New at Broadway at the Beach

By:Kerry Egan


Broadway at the Beach, the shopping, dining and entertainment complex located just a mile and half from the ocean, has been a favorite Myrtle Beach destination since it first opened in 1995. That’s not to say that Broadway at the Beach hasn’t changed in the last 22 years. It just keeps getting better and better. The 350-acre site has had lots of great additions over the last few years, and even more to come in the future.

The first big change you’ll notice when you visit is visual. The area that was once known as Celebrity Square has been completely renovated. Now known as The Avenue, the area is full of al fresco dining options and brand-new facades. You’ll feel like you’re walking through a hip downtown warehouse district, with lots of restaurants and clubs spilling out into the broad plaza.

And true to the theme, The Avenue has some fun new entertainment options perfect for adults. Dave and Buster's combines food, music, sports and games into one amazing place.

Also new in the last year on The Avenue, OZ Nightclub invites guests to dance the night away.

But The Avenue isn’t the only place to find new places to have fun. Backstage Escape Games lets teams of players solve elaborate puzzles together before time runs out.

Pavilion Park, the amusement park at Broadway at the Beach, added nine new rides this year, including an amazing 188-foot-tall Ferris wheel!

There are some great new restaurants that have opened, too. Paula Deen, doyenne of Southern cooking, has opened Paula Deen’s Family Kitchen . It’s basically a palace of all things Southern and delicious.

And back on The Avenue, hip new restaurants have opened up beside the clubs. Wahlburger’s, an over-the-top burger place, and the American Tap House, a rustic gastropub, have food and drinks for every member of the family.

What comes next for Broadway at the Beach? Well, the exterior renovations will continue next year at the Mediterranean Village. And for more food and fun options? Well, we’ll just have to wait and see what they have up their sleeves for us!

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