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8 of South Carolina’s Most Popular Fall Dishes

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Discover writers share all of the places, activities and adventure that South Carolina has to offer. Read more from some of South Carolina’s locals and discover what’s happening in the Palmetto State.
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Locally grown, seasonal ingredients are the foundation of South Carolina’s vibrant food scene, which has made the state a top foodie destination. From shrimp and grits to barbecue, and with some boiled peanuts, buttermilk biscuits and sweet tea thrown in for good measure, the Palmetto State is filled with signature dishes and iconic ingredients. Bring a taste of South Carolina to your table with these flavorful fall dishes.


Fried Okra

Real, Southern fried okra should always have a batter base of cornmeal.

In Season: August, September, October

With its mild taste and unique texture, okra is a versatile vegetable beloved by Southerners—and everyone has their favorite recipe. Fried okra is an all-time favorite, and you’ll find it on menus across the state. Golden brown with a little fresh green showing through, fried okra nuggets are crunchy and addicting! Try adding bacon drippings to make this classic Southern side even better.


Sweet Potato Casserole

With a crunchy, buttery topping, this Southern-style casserole is already perfectly sweet—no marshmallows needed.

In Season: August, September, October, November, December

Sweet potatoes pack a nutritious punch. As they’re available almost all year, this versatile root vegetable has found its way onto tables and menus fried, mashed, roasted and baked into casseroles, pies and even pancakes. While marshmallow-topped sweet potato casserole may be a common Thanksgiving side, this recipe leaves off the marshmallows (they’re better in hot chocolate, anyway) and dials up the regional flavors with a crunchy topping made from South Carolina pecans and benne wafers—a buttery, sesame seed-like cookie popular in the Lowcountry.


Peach Cobbler

Your family won’t be able to wait to dig into this delicious dessert.

In Season: August, September

South Carolina is the nation’s second-largest peach producer behind California, so it should come as no surprise that the Palmetto State loves to add this sweet fruit to everything from cobblers and crumbles to salsas and salads. No matter which corner of the Palmetto State you visit, you’ll find farmers selling peaches well into September. Enjoy a lingering taste of summer with this easy peach cobbler recipe. The smell alone is sure to bring everyone together around the table, spoons ready.


Collard Greens

Collard greens are a flavor-rich side dish perfect for any meal.

In Season: August, September, October, November, December

Collard greens are a classic Southern side dish, but this delicious tradition often steals center stage. A prominent part of the Palmetto State's cuisine, collard greens were named the official state vegetable in 2011. Visitors to South Carolina often overlook this “mess of greens,” opting for something that sounds more appetizing than a side of vegetables—but that’s a mistake. Though they may take a while to simmer, they’re easy to make and taste even better the next day.


Apple Pie

Perfect by itself or topped with ice cream, apple pie is always a fall favorite.

In Season: September, October, November, December

Nothing signals the onset of fall like a homemade apple pie. Summer in the Palmetto State lingers through September, so if you’re looking for crisp fall air you’ll need to head to the Upstate where you’ll find spectacular views and U-pick farms with a variety of apples to pick. When it comes to apple pie, it’s important to choose the right type of apple. Golden Delicious are some of the best, all-around cooking apples, but Fuji are also great for baking. No matter which apples you choose for these two tried-and-true recipes, the result will be delicious.


Tomato Pie

Fresh from the oven tomato pies—bake one for yourself and one for a neighbor.

In Season: October, November

If you love a tomato sandwich—fresh tomatoes, mayo, salt and pepper to taste on your favorite bread—you’ll love tomato pie. Tomato pie is easy to prepare, full of South Carolina flavor and only requires a few basics: pie crust, cheese, onion, mayonnaise, your favorite herbs and plenty of rich, red local tomatoes. The mayo and cheese help to hold everything together, so there’s no need to add eggs. This simple and savory recipe will help you whip up a delicious tomato pie for dinner.


Pecan Pie

With its rich mosaic of flavors and textures, it’s no wonder that this once seasonal pie has become a year-round favorite.

In Season: Late November

Whether you pronounce them pee-can or peh-kahn, there’s a lot to love about a slice of pecan pie. There are a lot of variations to pecan pie, but you won’t go wrong if you follow the recipe. If you’ve been looking for a perfectly sweet and nutty pecan pie recipe, your search is over. Based on an old family recipe, Chef Jessica Shillato discovered her secret ingredient—vinegar—over several years and hundreds of pies. Now that sounds like some delicious research!


Pompion (Pumpkin) Chips

Pack up the kids, take a drive and partake in one of the most highly anticipated family outings of the year—pumpkin picking.

In Season: November

Nothing says Halloween is right around the corner like a day of pumpkin picking. No matter what part of the state you’re in, it’s easy to find U-pick farms with fields full of ripe pumpkins and towering corn stalks turned into spooky mazes. If you’re interested in trying something beyond roasting pumpkin seeds and whipping up a pumpkin pie, try your hand at this recipe for pumpkin chips. Don’t let the name fool you—this sweet, chunky preserve has nothing in common with potato chips, other than they both make a tasty snack.


Try your hand at cooking more Southern dishes at home with some help from our “how-to” videos. Whether you’re looking to make a classic dish like Frogmore Stew or want to learn how to make buttermilk biscuits, these easy-to-follow recipes will have you cooking like a true South Carolinian in no time. 

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Discover Writer
More from "Discover Writer"
Discover writers share all of the places, activities and adventure that South Carolina has to offer. Read more from some of South Carolina’s locals and discover what’s happening in the Palmetto State.