Celebrate Black History with the Green Book of South Carolina

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Explore African-American history like never before with the Green Book of South Carolina. This online travel guide features more than 300 African American heritage sites in the Palmetto State, from historic markers, churches and cemeteries to districts, historic homes and cultural attractions.

It is called “The Green Book” to pay homage to an early form of travel for African Americans, who relied on a directory called “The Negro Motorists Green Book” for safe and welcoming places during the Jim Crow Era. Today’s version provides a user-friendly way for residents and visitors to discover African-American culture with a few clicks on your laptop or mobile device. From the colonial era to the civil rights movement, each of these sites expresses intriguing historical moments.

Among many features, the guide provides a brief description of the historical significance of each site, plus driving directions and opportunities to share travel experiences on social media. It also makes it easy to search for sites – by either using your own keyword or browsing through categories like “historic churches” and “historic markers.” Whether you’re looking for major attractions like the African American Monument on the State House Grounds or hidden gems like the Benjamin E. Mays Birthplace in Greenwood, the guide is an ideal platform to discover this history.

The Green Book of South Carolina was created to increase awareness of the state’s wide range of African-American tourism destinations and to encourage travelers to immerse themselves in all of its rich history. Tourism helps increase the economic impact for these African-American heritage sites as well as their surrounding communities.

Each day, the Green Book is utilized by everyone from tourism professionals to out-of-state vacationers, and it’s become a valuable tool for event planners, church groups, tour operators and more. Check it out for yourself!

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