Chef Spotlight: Alex Castro of Larkin's on the River, Greenville

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Chef Alex Castro
Chef Alex Castro, Larkin's on the River

Alex Castro, Executive Chef at Larkin’s on the River in Greenville, is credited with revamping what was once a traditional steakhouse, into the creative and lively atmosphere it is today. Alex moved from Honduras in 1992 to work at the Greenville Country Club, where he began cooking alongside many of Greenville’s renowned chefs. As Alex matured in his culinary experience, he brought his talents to the celebrated Palms Restaurant at the Phoenix Inn in Greenville. After putting in his time as a line cook, Alex was eventually named executive chef of the restaurant.

When Larkin’s on the River opened in 2005, Alex left the Palms Restaurant and became Larkin’s first executive chef. Since then, his flavorful and creative dishes have helped the restaurant become a reputable dining location among locals and celebrities alike. Alex has prepared meals for sports celebrities and movie stars like George Clooney, Renee Zellweger and Kevin Costner. In 2010, Martha Stewart was so delighted with her experience at Larkin’s that she shared her story with followers on her blog.

Larkin’s sits along the Reedy River in the center of downtown Greenville. The restaurant prides itself on Chef Alex’s aged steaks and fresh seafood and a substantial wine collection. Situated in a tall, brick building that dates back to the Civil War, Larkin’s open atmosphere matched with Chef Alex’s creative spark in the kitchen has helped make the restaurant a South Carolina hotspot for fine dining.

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