Satisfy Your Thirst: An Inside Look with Serial Restauranteur Kristian Niemi

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South Carolina inspired cocktails

South Carolina is known for our homegrown spirits, ciders, brews and beverages. With the Satisfy Your Thirst Tour, we celebrate everything from sweet tea to moonshine and craft beer. From traditional cocktail recipes to modern interpretations of some of the Palmetto State’s most iconic drinks, the Satisfy Your Thirst Tour offers visitors and locals the opportunity to discover all the deliciously unique beverages South Carolina has to offer.

One stop on the Satisfy Your Thirst Tour is Bourbon, a whiskey bar and Cajun-Creole restaurant located just steps from the South Carolina State Capitol building. Owner Kristian Niemi has been in the restaurant business for over 25 years, and has owned a restaurant for the past 23 years. Bourbon specializes in, yep, you guessed it – bourbon, as well as whiskey, craft cocktails and the flavors of the Louisiana bayou.

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Kristian Niemi, owner of Bourbon in Columbia

Kristian originally learned to cook while he was in college, and decided to pursue a career in the culinary business. He explains, “What I love about the Satisfy Your Thirst Tour, is that you become aware of places that you didn’t realize were so close to you. You can actually go visit them and taste their product – it’s a real eye-opener to anyone who’s visiting the state, or even if you’re a native.” Because the Satisfy Your Thirst Tour takes place all over the state, you’re never too far from the next stop. According to Kristian, “Not only does the tour focus on all the fantastic producers we have, but it shows everyone just how close they are to you and just how easy it is to get these products, so you can serve someone a piece of South Carolina.”

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Satisfy Your Thirst in South Carolina

When it comes to the locally sourced products used to make cocktails, Kristian explains, “It’s nice to know that South Carolina is putting itself on the map in so many different ways in the culinary world, and because these are all South Carolina products, when people come visit we can basically give them South Carolina in a glass.”

So, the next time you find yourself in the Palmetto State, be sure to check out the Satisfy Your Thirst Tour – we’ll have a drink waiting for you.

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