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South Carolina Food Gifts Deliver Regional Flavors

Libby Wiersema Libby Wiersema
Libby Wiersema lived in California and Alabama before settling in South Carolina 38 years ago, where she's covered the state's best culinary offerings and tells the stories behind the food.
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Tin of benne wafer cookies
A tin of buttery benne wafers is a delicious South Carolina gift.

The Palmetto State is a gourmand's paradise. But if your favorite foodie can't get to South Carolina, how about delivering a taste of South Carolina to your favorite foodie? The rich flavors of the region are expressed in a wide array of locally produced items, from savory snacks to specialty dishes to artisan cheeses to baked goods.

The online presence of some of the state's finest food purveyors makes sharing these products a piece of cake - and you can take that literally.

The Bittermilk Jar Bar will please the cocktail lover on your gift list.


Gift: Jar Bar
Refinement and class, Charleston style - that's what you'll give when you send the Bittermilk lineup of six mixers. A nifty shaker adds an element of fun. Pick your favorite mix, then measure, shake and strain straight from a custom-designed Mason jar. Perfect for the cocktail crowd. Cheers!

Bradford Watermelon Company

Gift: Bradford Watermelon Products
Brandy! Pickles! Molasses! What could this trio of gift ideas possibly have in common? Watermelons! Specifically, each is being made from Sumter County's legendary Bradford watermelons - considered the sweetest and juiciest of all watermelons (hence all the exciting punctuation.) Foodies will fawn over the molasses, in particular, with its fruit-forward flavors representing nearly 200 years of South Carolina agricultural tradition. 

Bulls Bay salts
Find these Bulls Bay Saltworks products in specialty stores and online.

Bulls Bay Saltworks

Gift: Salt Assortment
Gifts from the sea don't always have fins or shells. Sourced from the mineral-rich, pristine waters of Bulls Bay, these salt products are something special. Bulls Bay Saltworks delivers a taste of South Carolina that will make them a prized component of any cook's spice cabinet. Bourbon Barrel Flake and Carolina Flake salts are attractively packaged and adorned with a festive bow -- just right for the foodie in your life.

Olde Colony

Gift: Benne Wafer Tins
Leave it to Olde Colony to bring us buttery benne wafers to fufill every fan's fantasy: a whole tin filled with South Carolina's favorite cookie. These hand-packed, handsome gold tins are a treasure chest of rich, crispy goodness. Have friends who just can't get their fill of benne wafers? This is the gift for them. Grab one for yourself, too. Like those legendary potato chips, bet you can't eat just one. 

Bags of rice and spoon gift
Heirloom rice served up with this traditional rice spoon makes a classic South Carolina gift.

Charleston Specialty Foods

Gift: Carolina Plantation Rice and Spoon
Because rice is considered by food historians to be South Carolina's most important heirloom crop, this Carolina Rice & Spoon Gift Package makes a royal gift. This particular package contains two bags of rice from Carolina Plantation: Carolina Gold and aromatic Charleston Gold, both grown in Darlington County. For a crowning touch, included is a silver-plated Charleston rice serving spoon that will be treasured for years to come.

Charleston Tea Garden

Gift: Tea Chest
Give a gift that lingers and soothes with a selection of teas from Charleston Tea Garden, a subtropical tea farm with a long history in the Lowcountry. While that's impressive as is, this gift of liquid gold is even more treasured when presented in a handsome chest. The richness of the acacia hardwood box brimming with an assortment of locally grown teas will really wow the recipient of this elegant South Carolina gift.

Daisy cakes, moonshine, whiskey
These little cakes made in the small town of Pauline pack a big punch.

Daisy Cakes

Gift: Cakes in a Jar
From a simple home kitchen to a nationally renowned bakery operation, Daisy Cakes has turned fresh eggs, butter and hand-sifted flour into a baked-goods dynasty. Sweets lovers will swoon over a delivery of adorable Minikin "cakes in a jar." They arrive whimsically packaged in jars, five to a box, each with a fun theme. 

Food for the Southern Soul

Gift: Charleston Cocktail Party Gift Box
Celebrant of South Carolina culinary culture and barbecue master Jimmy Hagood shares his food passions online through his aptly named enterprise, Food for the Southern Soul. Pay the website a visit for a thoughtful mix of gift baskets and products featuring good things from the Palmetto State. The Charleston Cocktail Party gift box contains Charleston favorites like pickled okra, Jerusalem artichoke relish, praline pecans, hot pepper jelly and benne wafers. Just add the cocktails and you've got the makings for a classic South Carolina gathering. 

Make someone’s morning with the Palmetto Favorite gift box from Four Oaks Farm.

Four Oaks Farm

Gift: Palmetto Favorite Gift Box
Gift-giving doesn't get more convenient - or tastier - than vacuum-packed cured meats from Four Oaks Farm in Lexington. Rest assured your lucky recipients will be all smiles to receive any of their many gift boxes. For breakfast lovers, opt for the Palmetto Favorite: savory bacon, country ham, stoneground grits, pancake mix and maple syrup. Order early for the holidays!

Marsh Hen Mill

Gift: Ancient Grains Gift Box
Give the gift of ancient grains and put a smile on the face of your favorite foodie. Marsh Hen Mill offers a variety of grains grown and milled on their Edisto Island farm. Farro, freekah and polenta are wonderful additions to the mill's lineup of heirloom corn products like grits, cornmeal and popcorn. 

Jars of muscadine jelly
Create a South Carolina basket with jelly, apple butter, pickles and more from McLeod Farms.

McLeod Farms

Gift: South Carolina Food Baskets
This beloved McBee peach farm does more than grow good things to eat - they are also gift central, especially at the holidays. For a gift bursting with South Carolina flavors, choose a basket filled with local products like muscadine jelly, peanut brittle, sweet potato butter, chow chow, peach barbecue sauce, honey and more.

Island Fudge Shop

Gift: South Carolina Chocolate Box
A Hilton Head institution of sweet toothery, Island Fudge Shop offers several South Carolina-themed gifts. The South Carolina Chocolate Box represents with a generous state-shaped, Palmetto tree-stamped chocolate surrounded by other chocolate natural wonders like candy butterflies and sea shells. For fun, add a chocolate gator on the side, or for a refined Southern touch, choose handmade pralines, packaged prettily in a South Carolina decorative tin.

Goat cheese, soap, fudge
Fudge, goat cheeses, and all-natural goat milk soap are specialties of Split Creek Farm.

Split Creek Farm

Gift: Goat Milk Products
Three words: Goat milk fudge. If you've never had it, Split Creek Farm is the place to get it. Of course, once you indulge, you'll want to share this ambrosial find with someone special. Create a gift basket with selections of this amazing award-winning fudge and cheeses lovingly crafted from the milk of goats raised on Split Creek Farm in Anderson.

Young's Premium Foods

Gift: South Carolina Pecans
This Pee Dee pecan outlet and gift shop has just the thing for the snacker on your list. The South Carolina speciality tins, gift baskets and boxes are brimming with a mash-up of goodies like pecan snack bags, chocolate and carmel fiddlestix, a log roll, cheese straws and more. They come attractively packaged with some tins and boxes imprinted with the state logo just to make sure recipients don't forget where all that good taste came from.

Libby Wiersema
Libby Wiersema lived in California and Alabama before settling in South Carolina 38 years ago, where she's covered the state's best culinary offerings and tells the stories behind the food.