Venture through Camden's Revolutionary War Days

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Discover the history and culture of the American Revolution at the annual Revolutionary War Field Days in Camden, South Carolina. Walk through Colonial and loyalist camps and watch with your friends and family as reenactors portray life and battle tactics from the Southern Campaign trail.

Set to the backdrop of the historic Kershaw House, the fields at Camden are split into the separate patriot and redcoat armies’ camps. The patriots pitch their tents along a dirt path that weaves through the grounds. Behind the camp is Sutlers Row, a collection of tented shops selling a mixture of handmade clothing, utensils and other settlers’ trade goods for anyone to buy. The loyalists pitch their campgrounds close to the Kershaw house, and on a Sunday you can hear them singing as they hold an old Anglican Church service.

There are plenty of activities for the whole family to enjoy around the grounds as the reenactors go about their daily lives. Enjoy a period fashion show, tours of the Kershaw House, artillery demonstrations, Colonial games and, of course, the battle tactics reenactment itself.

Gather with the crowds both Saturday and Sunday afternoon as the patriots and redcoats reenact full-on battle strategies. Cannons blast and force plumes of smoke into the air while riflemen fire by command at their opposing enemy. Watch as the armies march up the grounds, portraying Southern Campaign battle tactics. The action is just a hundred feet from some of the crowds, and as the armies move forward so do the crowds, giving everyone an up-close experience of the battle at hand.

Before and after the battle, there are food vendors selling a variety of fare and there are plenty of benches around the area to sit and eat. It makes for a nice break from all the walking and adventures around the camps.

You can spend the afternoon exploring the grounds and talking with the different characters at the British encampment, American camp and Sutlers Row. You’ll meet fathers and sons, retirees and passionate scholars who are all happy to share their knowledge of the war and their experiences with the reenactment.

End the day at the McCaa House on the lower grounds for some Tavern Tales. It’s the perfect way to send you on your way home after a full day at Historic Camden and another one-of-a-kind South Carolina experience.

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