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At 41 miles long and 14 miles wide at its widest point, Lake Murray covers 78 square miles with 649 miles of shoreline. Some of the best fishing you will experience in South Carolina is guaranteed to take place on the waters of Lake Murray. Covering 50,000 acres and bordering four counties, this expansive lake offers plenty of spots to drop a line.

Lake Murray was constructed in the 1930s as part of a hydroelectric generating facility, but it has since become a major fishing destination in the Midlands of South Carolina. Thousands of people enjoy spending time on Lake Murray each week, whether they’re fishing, wakeboarding or just relishing a day on the water.

This noteworthy lake is home to some of the best fishing in the nation. While numerous local and national fishing tournaments are held at Lake Murray each year, it’s also productive fishing grounds for less experienced anglers. For first-time anglers, hiring a fishing guide is the perfect way to experience a stress-free day of fishing on the lake.

Before you head out, make sure you’re prepared for your fishing trip with a South Carolina fishing license. A Social Security number and a government-issued ID are required for freshwater and saltwater fishing licenses. If you don’t have your tackle with you, South Carolina has you covered with the Fishing Tackle Loaner Program.

If you decide to head out with a fishing guide, your guide will have everything you need to guarantee a successful day of fishing—equipment, knowledge and plenty of good conversation. This is especially true if you head out with Captain Mike, also known around Lake Murray as Striper Mike.

According to Captain Mike, who has been fishing the lake for over 30 years, all it takes is one fishing excursion on Lake Murray and you’ll be hooked. Typical catches of Lake Murray stripers range from 4 to 30 pounds. Striped bass also happen to be the official State Fish of South Carolina.

Captain Mike says these fish are nocturnal, so your best bet for catching them is to get out on the lake early, which means you’ll also get to enjoy a beautiful Lake Murray sunrise. So, whether you’re a first-time angler or an age-old pro, Lake Murray is one of South Carolina’s top destinations for your next big catch.

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